Making Big Government “Great” Again

Life, liberty and the pursuit using the military to steal hundreds of thousands of acres of private property

Calvin Coolidge and Conservatism

How Calvin Coolidge preceded modern American Conservatism

7 New Years Pledges for DC

Donald Trump can stop complaining about the Federal Reserve. 4 of the 5 Governors are his appointees, including the Fed Chair. The Fed is acting exactly how everyone expected it […]

25 must follow conservatives on Twitter

Twitter is a toxic subculture but conservative Twitter is– generally– a light in the dark. Here are 25 conservative Twitter accounts everyone should follow. While you’re at it, follow me […]


A psychological horror that will have you on the edge, blurring the lines with mental and physical abuse

Three Conservative Movements

A look at modern American conservatism

Can any Republican beat Trump?

The short answer is the same as the long answer

Is there a Democrat worth supporting in 2020?

Is there a Democrat worth supporting in 2020? Recently that question has posed to me a couple of times. Almost two years into the Trump administration and there is an, […]