Month: January 2017

Trump Immigration Executive Order: A Muslim Ban? No.

There has been a great deal of fury over Trump’s executive order on refugees in the past few days. If some of these accusations are correct, Trump has become an […]

Turning Table Episode 3: (Trump inauguration and Obamacare)

The third episode of the Turning Table podcast. Roman and Brian went solo since Sam could not make it and they went through Trump’s inauguration speech and talked some Obamacare.

Turning Table Episode 4: (Debunking Marxism and Q&A)

Brain and Roman take on some communist arguments and answer questions.

Trade Works Better than a Wall

Trump’s plan to secure the national border and stem illegal immigration is to build a wall and have “Mexico pay for it.” The reality is that Americans will be paying […]

Against the Wall

Chants of “build the wall” always annoyed me. People saying Mexico would pay for it confounded me. I do not like illegal immigration but I also think we can not […]

The Left’s Only Tactic – Bullying

I was inspired to write this article when after a discussion, where I was the one being attacked, the individual whom with I was debating said I was “harassing” them. […]

Comments on Pro-Abortion Arguments

Friday is the March For Life. While the media may not cover this annual march which routinely gets 500,000 people to come from all over the country to protest the […]

Facts for Debating a Progressive

In my recent debate with Bernie Sander supporters, I created a source document. It is full of a ton of information to help battle with progressives. Sadly, the links did […]

The Trump Voter

Recently I wrote my Senior paper on who the Trump voter was. Here it is. Just two months ago, our country underwent the most divisive election in recent memory. The […]

On Treason and Whistle Blowing

In case you do not know, I believe both Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning are traitors to America. Julian Assange probably has done nothing illegal, outside possibly rape, but he […]