Month: February 2017

CPAC Day 2: Trump’s Speech, Armed and Fabulous and Carly Fiorina

Today was my first full day at CPAC and here are my thoughts for the three main events. Trump’s Speech. A conservative speech but not in the political sense, rather […]

Day 1 at CPAC

Sadly arrived at 7:00pm but here are my thoughts for the two hours I was there.  It was the most diverse gathering of conservatives I have ever seen, especially in […]

Pornography: Why it’s Bad

Pornography, like it or not, has become a regular part of American society. It is prevalent, to varying degrees, in television, movies, magazines, even literature. 35% of all internet downloads […]

Why the U.S. Should Support Israel.

The State of Israel is a rather controversial point in international politics.  Between 2006 and 2015, the United Nations condemned Israel more than any other single state (see below).  Indeed, […]

Milo is a Degenerate

And you know he is too! He always has been. Milo has gotten famous in the alt-right and other conservative fringe circles because of his strong opposition to the liberal […]

From the Stars, With Hate – By Nick Lauriston

The Destroyer, a beast bred for war; physically strong, cunning as a fox, relentless in his pursuit of death. He made this war personal all those years ago; from the ashes of Seoul, Republic of Korea, he had sown the seeds of hate in the heart of Humanity. Some twenty years before, interstellar war became a reality when, through human proxies, Hostis executed a series of terrorist attacks on Earth. Killing hundreds of thousands of people in less than a week of activity, the Hostis plan to incite nuclear war between the superpowers of Earth would have succeeded, if not for the actions of Marshall Allen and his Archangels. Allen had accomplished one aspect of his mission while failing tragically in another; though he prevented a nuclear holocaust, he could not save the love of his life. Today, he would know vengeance. Today, he was the sword of Justice.
Today, the Guardian would kill Death.

Where Libertarians Go Wrong: Abortion

A common misconception that many Americans have regarding libertarianism is that it is an inherently pro-choice movement—pro-choice on economic, foreign, domestic, and social affairs.  Though the divisive issue of abortion […]

Why the Tea Party Movement Failed.

The 2014 midterm congressional elections were widely considered a referendum on the policies of six years of Obama.  Indeed, the strong gains by Republicans in both the House and Senate […]

Fighting “Fake News” with “Alternative Facts”

So last night Trump tweeted “The FAKE NEWS media … is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the American People!” Sounds eerily similar to remarks by Richard Nixon […]

On Mike Flynn and the Intelligence Community

Mike Flynn resigned this last week from being the National Security Advisor after the intelligence community leaked documents showing that he had discussed removing the sanctions on Russia during a […]