American society has lived through many interesting (often tumultuous) times across its history. These are including, but not limited to, periods such as the Gilded Age, the Roaring Twenties, the Colonial Age of Enlightenment, our beloved Hippie Movement, and many more. Our day and age is no different. We currently are living through many different ages ourselves, such as the Age of Technology, or The Age of the Unpopular Candidate. However, there is one especially pertinant age that has taken root in American society, something I like to call “The Age of Entitlement”.

Before we begin, entitlement inherently isn’t a bad thing, we have our country to thank for it. Our Founding Fathers and revolutionaries saw that Colonists were being denied rights they thought were deserved and were entitled to by the English Government. They fought for their continued pursuit of expanded freedoms, not because they just felt like it, but because they felt as though they were being deprived what was truly theirs, and needed to take matters into their own hands. Almost every people’s revolution is like that, and it can be a very, very good thing.

Entitlement, however, can turn on civilized society. As we enter our Age of Entitlement, we see ourselves change from great heroic revolutionaries to spoiled children. How did it happen? Simple. We got we asked for and it wasn’t as sweet as we would have hoped, so we poke and prod for more. The Civil Rights Movement ended one of America’s great injustices, ensuring people of all races were on the same footing as everyone around them. Yet today, we are seeing sudden arisal of groups like Black Lives Matter years later, who cares more for the lack of black actors in Hollywood rather than the obscene black on black murder rate in America. Feminist groups say that they are for reaching equality with men, but not only continue to ignore legislation passed on from years ago that virtually resolved gender discrepancies, they that continue to claim that a supposed ‘patriarchy’ are the root cause of all issues.

We have taken for granted a system that works simply because we are not happy with our state of life. We live in an era of false civil rights, and it’s very much disappointing. I don’t imagine if Dr. King were to come back to life, he would be happy with what he saw from us and from the same people he fought for decades ago (yes, like that episode of the Boondocks). We’ve turned a fantastic and beautiful time in our history into a enormous hissy fit.

Large movements, like that of our Civil Rights Movement, carry momentum. Even after clear resolution to the issues, we still have the same anger that carried us through them. It’s a shame. Life is a hard thing to get through, and that’s what alot of people don’t understand. We can cheat, yell, and pillage our way through life in desperate attempt for an easy go of it, but wouldn’t it all be better if we just live life a little more unified


Posted by Victor Gamble


  1. I would say that BLM is fighting for more ‘social justices’ instead of legislated equality. The reason that BLM was starting the #OscarsSoWhite trend on Twitter was because the Academy that decides the winners is mostly white, leading to mostly white winners. I think this generation right now is fighting for the smaller and more societal injustices and inequalities then big ones from the past such as Jim Crow and slavery.



    1. This generation is fighting lesser issues with the same anger and enthusiasm that was had in the 60s, and it’s not the right way to go about it. Also, every single race in America has some sort of issue, it not just thing unique to black people to have issues, yet we see no Latino lives matter, Asian lives matter, or white lives matter.



      1. I would only object to saying we don’t see a white lives matter..


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