We like to poke fun at some of those who are on the left side of the spectrum for many reasons. Some dress weird, talk strangely, engage in strange mannerisms, and more often than not push an obscene amount of strange new ideas onto civilized society. The most blown up of these new ideas is the concept of self-identification. This most commonly applies to gender, allowing people to take whatever form they so choose (male when you’re biologically female, female when you’re biologically male, dog, cat, dragon, the list is quite literally endless).
Though there is nothing inherently wrong with this, there is a great uproar within our country over the topic. This stems from the Left’s demand that everyone change how they think. Protests, boycotts, and name calling for those who do not follow their way of thinking is now the new norm we see everyday; they will bring their attacks directly to anyone who challenges them. Leftists enforce their beliefs against various organizations across the United states, trying to break the spirit of a non-uniform society to create a uniform state of mind. We have seen it recently with Starbucks, Chick-fil-A in 2012, and now with L.L. Bean. One beaming example of how the left has began an obscene push to break normalized society is seen through the Boy Scouts of America.
The Boy Scouts began in 1908, under its founder Lord Baden Powell. Their goal was to give young children a connection, not only to nature, but to the community, teaching young boys leadership and the responsibilities involved with being a member of society. Over the years it has grown and spread to just about every major country in the world, and became an organization based truly on improving the lives of children. Recently, however, the Boy Scouts of America have become a target for the left. Leftists have now taken the point of view that the BSA must allow people of different genders (including dragons, cat people, and dog kin) and sexes into their troops. Of course, the Girl Scouts of America is not enough, as people identify themselves as some sort of gender that doesn’t apply to this particular organization. Thus, the Boy Scouts as a whole is faced with a dilemma, accept the new world order, or be faced with constant attacks in a liberalized mass media that cares not for what is fair.
One portion of Self-Identification I’d like to really focus on, is how informal it truly is. It’s an interesting science (or lack thereof) that essentially it dictates that one can change their gender with the snap of a finger. One moment they’re man, another moment they’re woman. There is no paperwork to be signed, no phone calls to be placed, or any surgery required, the transition comes and goes with the mood of the person. This, of course, is confusing to just about everyone who isn’t directly involved in these transitions. Yet, we are expected to accept and embrace this, with no clear understanding of what we are truly embracing and accepting. This informality helps poke a hole into the thought that is modern day leftist. Leftists now-a-days just expect to be treated a certain way in the eyes of the world, yet treat the world around them like utter crap. They expect the informal genders they create to appease themselves to be treated as formal, yet do not give respect to the only two formally respected genders there are in the world.
This “Self-identification” movement tries to capture the same respect that came with the same-sex marriage movement of the past decade, or the Civil Rights Movement of the past century. The difference is, Same-sex marriage and Civil Rights simply state “We are the same as you, but with simple differences, and those differences do not mean we deserve any less”, While the Self-Identification yells “We are completely and utterly different from you, and we DEMAND that you change how you live your life to make our lives better than yours.” Civil Rights and Same-Sex Marriage ask for equality in what’s given to them. Self-Identification demands for more rights, more privileges, more of everything and even more than what is already given to the everyday person. The Boy Scouts of America is not a perfectly moral organization, but it deserves to be treated with the same respect any other
The movement of Self-Identification destroys the idea of left trying to obtain equal rights, and the funny thing is, it didn’t have to be this way. Personally, I don’t actually care what another person calls themselves, it doesn’t really concern me. I may believe it to be humorous or strange, but it is not something I will actively go out and campaign against. I, however, will resist when it is forced upon me. When I am forced to change how I live my life because my views don’t match those of another person. The Right reacts so adversely to Self-Identification simply because it is pushed upon them with no recourse. Businesses attacked, boycotted, and slandered because of the views of the owners. People are attacked online for simply thinking differently.
In short, Conservatives have no real issue with what the core-concept of what Self-Identification stands for, as it attempts to represent  group of people who feel undervalued. Their issue arrives from simply the low level of bullying the Left stoops to get a message across.

Posted by Victor Gamble

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