Month: May 2017

Wonder Woman Banned for Being A Jew

Lebanon may ban the DC heroine


Conservatives in Trouble

Conservatives are currently projected to lose their outright majority in the upcoming election

US Successfully Intercepts Ballistic Missile in Test

Growing anxiety from a nuclear and hostile North Korea has had the Pentagon up their defense from a potential nuclear attack. The US Military successfully shot down an intercontinental-range missile […]

Former Panamanian Dictator Dies

Manuel Antonio Noriega, who was detained in a hospital since March for a brain tumor operation, died at the age of 83. “The death of Manuel A. Noriega closes a […]

Does the Center of The Milky Way Contain the Answer to Finding the Fifth Fundamental Force of Nature

The Standard Model, the four fundamental forces, and the gaps left behind. Could a new hypothetical fifth force be the answer to filling in the gaps?

The End of an American World

The experiment of Pax Americana that began in the ruins of World War Two is coming to an end. While we maintain our military superiority on the global stage, we […]

The Conservative Position on Welfare

America’s welfare system is broken as it stands now. Conservatives object to all or almost all forms of government intervention in the free-market. This does not mean that conservatives believe in letting the poor and homeless suffer and die in the streets. We, as a society, have an obligation to provide aid to those who cannot fend for themselves. However, we aren’t interested in lining the pockets of bureaucrats and people who refuse to work for themselves.

Who is the Main Character of the World?

How do we decide which life was the most important for our species?

How I Discovered Politics

On a summer several years ago, I began transitioning into middle school. That very summer was the dawn of the Tea Party Movement. My mom had just picked me up […]

Sri Lanka Flooding Displaces 500,000

Currently in Sri Lanka, there are 150 dead and over 500,000 displaced as the country  faces potential mudslides and torrential rain. The rains have been the worst in the Indian […]