There is this false dichotomy in the US right now, and in The West in general, that liberals care about everyone while conservatives care only about rich white straight men. We are all familiar with leftist’s constant attacks on people who disagree with them, by shutting them down and calling them racists, sexists, bigots, etc., instead of trying to have a reasonable discussion. But that doesn’t stop at white people only.

A phrase that will be often repeated in this article:

Dear minorities; women, people of color, LGBT, immigrants – leftists don’t care about you. They are not here do defend you, fight for you, or give you a voice. They are not here to liberate you. Why do I say that?

Let’s start with women. When was the last time leftists celebrated a woman’s achievements, when her political opinions were in contrast with their own. Women are constantly shut down by leftists just because they dared to say that the wage gap is fake, that women are not oppressed in the US, that she’s a conservative, and so on. Shamed, ridiculed, often even attacked physically. Christina Hoff Sommers, Betsy DeVos and even women I happen to disagree with in a lot of issues, a lot of them are prime examples. This happens on a regular basis.

Let’s go on with people of color, I ask the same question as before. They’re called coons, uncle toms, or traitors. Same situation arises with immigrants, LGBT, and so on.
The democrats do not care about you. They care as long as you get in line with their line of thought, and if you divert ever so slightly, you’re dead to them. They will shut you down by any means necessary. Make fun of you, character attacks, and even physical ones.

Why is that?

Because they want you to feel oppressed, they want you to be slaves, they want you to be undermined by the system – so they can tear it down. Black communities live in poverty, and decades of democrat leadership only sunk them deeper. Not even 8 years of a black president worked. Because they want to keep you down, they want to point the finger on the other side and get you enraged, they want to end the free market capitalism which made this country the greatest there was in history. Never in modern history has there been so much racial division as this past decade. And it’s because you’re pawns in the game of leftists, who feed off of your anger and suffering.

Think critically, don’t fall prey of trolls and liars online, and maybe try to listen to what the opposition offers instead of immediately attacking them.

The most recent case that shows how leftists don’t care about minorities, is Miss USA.
Kàra McCullough is a black immigrant woman, a chemist, and a government employee, that volunteers her time to teach children about science. She’s stunningly beautiful and smart. She has now fallen prey of leftist attacks, because she dared to think for herself. She dared to have an opinion that conflicted with the left, therefore she’s now the worst person in the world. She said healthcare is a privilege, and that she’s not a feminist. That’s it. That was enough to tick off feminists and other leftists, and call her all sorts of names.

Wake up. Feminists don’t care about women, #BlackLivesMatter don’t care about people of color, Democrats don’t care about minorities.


Posted by Argnes Ah.

Writer and Editor at BilanReport. Comic book geek, a huge Superman Fan, as well as a fiction writer. Physics, pop culture, medicine, politics, economy

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