Former Ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton called the Paris Climate Accord an “attempt to undermine national sovereignty” and praised Trump’s choice to drop out of the agreement on Neil Cavuto’s show on FOX.

He also stated that the Paris Accords are simply a “self licking ice cream cone, its reason is to simply exist.”

Bolton is exactly right in his analysis, the short term effects are none, it’s simply a group of national programs that give billions to nations that actually pollute, like China. The overall effects on climate are non-existent.

Countries like India and China support the deal because they are effectively subsidized until 2030.

What these accords are really interested in is any agreement in order to put more international control on national governance.

We cannot allow our nation to be governed by international bureaucrats with their own power-seeking interests at heart.


Posted by Sonny

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  1. DELEUZE, Gilles. Admissão no: 15 mai. DWORKIN, Ronald.



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