Learning Hayek

The libertarian movement isn’t going to succeed by having a Ron Paul politician run for president. The problem with this is threefold:

  1. They are hard to come by
  2. We still need a libertarian congress
  3. He’ll never win anyway

Rand Paul and Gary Johnson have been big dissapointments by purist libertarians (although I’ll explain why this doesnt matrer shortly). Neither of them called for legalizing every illicit drug or privatizing 90% of government functions. Dissapointing, right?

The pool for libertarians is extremely small. We have about only 3 with any name recognition. Rand, Justin Amash, and Thomas Massie. But the latter two are still practically nobodies outside libertarian circles.

But hypothetically speaking, even if one of these three somehow won the presidency, there’s not much they can do without congressional support. And that’s almost impossible to get due to, not just to the Democrat vs Republican divide, but also different factions…

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Posted by Manu Belmonte

Senior Editor at The Credible Hulk Magazine and writer at my personal blog learninghayek.wordpress.com

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