Month: October 2017

Euro Markets in Turmoil

A sharp decline in Spain’s IBEX 35 highlights market reactions towards Catalonia’s latest move to declare independence from Spain. The index has fallen as low  2.1 percent and euro zone […]

Catalonia Unilaterally Declares Independence

Crisis intensifies in Catalonia as lawmakers attempt to secede from Madrid

Too Little too Late

The Trump Administration recently announced it’s plan to combat the opioid epidemic. How effective will it be?

A Hip-Hop Rejoinder

A defender of “mumble rap” wasn’t so pleased with what I had to say.

Walmart is Pushing Automization

Watch out Fight for $15. You’re just digging your own grave faster

Clinton-Russia Falsehood

Did the former Secretary of State sell uranium to the Russians?

Economic Growth isn’t Enough

As new technologies subject the world’s economies to massive structural change, wages are no longer playing the central redistributive role they once did.

Fox News Contributor Kat Timpf Disses Radiohead

Kat Timpf, a Fox News contributor and writer for National Review, referred to fans of Radiohead as, “strange, malnourished, and sad”. She also said Radiohead’s music is,  “Just elaborate moaning […]

A response to Sachi Feris’ blog post on “cultural appropriation”

I have officially lost all hope in the future of this country. This country is done for. No president can save us. We are too far gone. I say this […]