Month: October 2017

No Need to Fear AI

We don’t need to follow Hollywood’s depictions of killer robots.


A Defense of the Indefensible

Imagine a category 5 hurricane barreling towards you. Imagine being worried that the gas will be ten times as expensive as it usually is because last you heard anti-price gouging […]

Back To Never Trump

Until recently, I viewed never Trump as ending on Election Day. Whether he won or lost, I opposed his candidacy but that’s it. If he won, there would have at […]

The Real Worst Trade Deal

President Donald Trump often talks about terrible trade deals but he misses an important piece of information– America benefits from the expansion of global free trade. The real worst trade […]

Leftist Projection

On August 18, Yoav Fromer wrote an opinion piece in the Washington Post entitled “Why the American left gave up on political violence”. It had the equally ironic subheading of […]

Let’s face it, Trump isn’t a good president

Trump isn’t a good president. There, I said it. Why do I say this? I say this because, Trump has been president for almost a year and hasn’t done much […]