Month: November 2017

Bitcoin might be the Crypto-Gold. But Ethereum is the Crypto-Silicon

While Bitcoin is soaring past $10 thousand, Ethereum is the sleeping giant.


The Negative Income Tax: A New Paradigm

The negative income tax, or NIT, is a system where people who make under a certain income receive a certain amount of money from the government over the course of […]

The Libertarian Case Against Abortion

I describe myself as a libertarian, but also a conservative. What I stress about these beliefs, and the potential perception that these two descriptions contradict each other, particularly in terms […]

Libertarian (and Conservative) Lunacy

The debate over net neutrality has caused a split in the American right. Significant portions of our side have defected to the side of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Reason […]

Is Brexit Still Happening?

A weaker majority, Irish border issues, and tough negotiations have stiffled May’s hard brexit goal.

What Should the US do in Syria?

It may be late to take the most preferred actions in the troubled country, so what’s the lesser evil route we should take as of now?

Net Neutrality isn’t Vital to Protect Consumers

Net neutrality is a hot topic in American politics, but is it really all it’s cracked up to be?

Top 20 Thanksgiving Foods Ranked

Today is Thanksgiving and Americans around the country are surrounded by plates of food. Here is the scientifically correct ranking of that food.  Creamy sweet corn Mashed potatoes Sweet potato […]

The Great American Problem

America’s divide lies beyond those who hold seats in office and it can also be what heals us.