Month: January 2019

Leftists defend Venezuelan Socialism

To defend their ideology, progressives defend one of the worlds worst dictatorships

“The Young Turks are Morons of the Highest Calibre”

The Young Turks go full anti-science

End this Shutdown Now

As a conservative, I enjoy being glib about the government partially shutting down. But the partial government shutdown is now the longest in American history and the time for glib […]

How Trump and Congress did in 2018

Ya this is a bit late but I wanted to put something out and I’m still working on a more topical article. So what did President Donald Trump, his administration […]

Making Big Government “Great” Again

Life, liberty and the pursuit of using the military to steal hundreds of thousands of acres of private property

Calvin Coolidge and Conservatism

How Calvin Coolidge preceded modern American Conservatism

7 New Years Pledges for DC

Donald Trump can stop complaining about the Federal Reserve. 4 of the 5 Governors are his appointees, including the Fed Chair. The Fed is acting exactly how everyone expected it […]