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President Backs Saudi Arabia Against Qatar

President Donald Trump gave his clear support Tuesday to Saudi Arabia’s diplomatic and economic campaign to isolate Qatar, accusing them of “supporting terrorism.” In an unexpected move against a key […]

Why We Need the Austrian School

When I first joined the political blogosphere, I found the term “Austrian Economics” thrown around a lot by libertarians. The support for this school was and is common among libertarians, and when I first noticed this I was offput. It seemed to me that the Austrian school was nothing more than an excuse by which laissez-faire could be defended. This essay is an answer to my concern.

Why I AM a Conservative

Abstract: In the United States, Conservatism has faced a significant amount of cultural resistance from political liberals, progressives, and libertarians. The amount of internal tension within the American Conservative and […]

Against NRx

Western thought created the Enlightenment with the refutation of monarchism. The old feudal system was bad because it failed to recognize the ability to reason innate in (most) all human […]

Against Non-Interventionism: Why Libertarian Foreign Policy wouldn’t be Peaceful

Disclaimer: I do not claim to speak for libertarians or classical liberals.  I do not intend for this article to be an attack on libertarianism; rather, it is an observation […]

Why the U.S. Should Support Israel.

The State of Israel is a rather controversial point in international politics.  Between 2006 and 2015, the United Nations condemned Israel more than any other single state (see below).  Indeed, […]

Why the Tea Party Movement Failed.

The 2014 midterm congressional elections were widely considered a referendum on the policies of six years of Obama.  Indeed, the strong gains by Republicans in both the House and Senate […]

Pompousness and Progressivism: How Trump is ruining Conservatism

Dr. Arnold Kling describes three main political groups in his book The Three Languages of Politics. These groups (Progressivism, Conservatism, and Libertarianism) are said to operate using different rhetorical devices […]

Why I’m Not A Libertarian.

The intent of this essay is to explain how and why I came about rejecting the term “Libertarian” in favor of “Classical Liberal.” It is not a purely observational essay, […]

Capitalism and Government: Why we must defend Property and Markets.

First off, welcome to my first post on MrCredible.  I run the Classical Liberalism Blog and the The Classical Liberal Wordpress site.  I will be a guest contributor here every once in a while. […]