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Economics major at NC State University

Hollywood vs DC on Sexual Scandals

There’s a major difference in how we treat politicians versus celebrities in the wave of the “Weinstein Effect”

Venezuela Defaults

What once was hailed as a beacon for socialism is now moving one step closer to bankruptcy

Lies and Misconceptions About the Basic Income

FEE has a lot of misconceptions in their criticism of a basic income

Towards a Blockchain Future

Radical ideas of how blockchain technology could change the world

Trumps Trade Team Failed Basic Economics

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross recently said We don’t think it’s inherent in a global trading system that one country, namely the U.S., absorbs in its deficit the cumulative trade surplus […]

Young Turks Host Blames Holocaust on Christianity

Armenian genocide denier gives his own historical take on the causes of the holocaust

Bitcoin: Evolving beyond the Keynesian era

At the time of writing, our economies are dominated by a Keynesian approach to governing and tweaking the system. After the great depression and the deflationary environment that resulted from […]

Immigrants in Limbo

Legally residing immigrants that Trump may kick out

Will This App Revolutionize Commerce?

This e-commerce software wants you to buy and sell goods with Bitcoin.