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Libertarians: Give Up On Politics 

Originally posted on Learning Hayek:
The libertarian movement isn’t going to succeed by having a Ron Paul politician run for president. The problem with this is threefold:? They are hard…


The Token Economy: It’s Time to be Paid for Every Single Job We Do

“In the future, many more things we do (passive or active) will be offset by a token of some sort. Likewise, governments are issuing money today, in the future companies […]

Qatar to Lose World Cup Hosting Event?

The troubles with the WC hosting, and the inside corruption in FIFA

The UK Attacked Again

Several killed and more are injured. What does this mean for Brexit as election looms days away?

Trump Should Just Resign

It doesn’t matter whether your democrat or republican. Conservative or liberal. Whether you like Trump or not, it’s best for all of us that he steps down from office. It’s […]

US Successfully Intercepts Ballistic Missile in Test

Growing anxiety from a nuclear and hostile North Korea has had the Pentagon up their defense from a potential nuclear attack. The US Military successfully shot down an intercontinental-range missile […]

Former Panamanian Dictator Dies

Manuel Antonio Noriega, who was detained in a hospital since March for a brain tumor operation, died at the age of 83. “The death of Manuel A. Noriega closes a […]