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Alternative Facts Episode 8: The Return of the Sh*t Talkers

Roman, Sara, Sam and Sonny talk about the Trumpcare, Single-payer murder, net neutrality and more. Advertisements

Cenk Uygur talks out of his Ass

Cenk Uygur, host of the Young Turks and leading American progressive nonsense-speaker, recently went on a rant of almost six minutes about Neil Gorsuch. In five minutes and fifty-four seconds, […]

Review of Wonder Woman

I occasionally do movie reviews and in the past, I have done formatted it in the standard paragraph format. This time I will change it up, I will do a […]

Global Warming and the Paris Accords: What you need to Know

The climate change debate is a dumpster fire, with neither side being anywhere near the truth. 

15 Democrats to Watch for 2020

A small list of potential presidential candidates for the Democratic Party in 2020.

The End of an American World

The experiment of Pax Americana that began in the ruins of World War Two is coming to an end. While we maintain our military superiority on the global stage, we […]

How I Discovered Politics

On a summer several years ago, I began transitioning into middle school. That very summer was the dawn of the Tea Party Movement. My mom had just picked me up […]