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Against Due Process

Off the bat, let me define what I mean by being against due process. I certainly do not mean being against due process of law. I support that one-hundred-percent. By […]

There is no Moral Case for Moore

The case against Roy Moore

Roy Moore Must Step Aside

Roy Moore is a disgusting human being and pathetic representation of the Republican Party and the conservative movement. Today, at noon, the Washington Post dropped a story that made it […]

Trumpism Tumbles

Election day gives a bleak look at Trumps future.

Trump 1 Democrats 0

Democrats blunder by over-hyping the Mueller investigation

Irony Beyond Parody

Imagine being so far into the left wing bubble that you think the left is a cultural minority– and that conservatives hold the majority.

Paul Krugman is a Liar

Reason 81070 Paul Krugman is a political hack.

Clinton-Russia Falsehood

Did the former Secretary of State sell uranium to the Russians?

A Defense of the Indefensible

Imagine a category 5 hurricane barreling towards you. Imagine being worried that the gas will be ten times as expensive as it usually is because last you heard anti-price gouging […]

Back To Never Trump

Until recently, I viewed never Trump as ending on Election Day. Whether he won or lost, I opposed his candidacy but that’s it. If he won, there would have at […]