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I am a twenty-one-year-old college student in Texas, avid outdoorsman, science-fiction writer, and military history nerd. Trigger warning: I'm a Catholic Conservative.

The Murder of Judge Reflects High Level of Violence in Venezuela

37 year old Nelson Moncada, was shot to death Wednesday night. The government blames the opposition, claiming they ordered it.


Pornography: Why it’s Bad

Pornography, like it or not, has become a regular part of American society. It is prevalent, to varying degrees, in television, movies, magazines, even literature. 35% of all internet downloads […]

From the Stars, With Hate – By Nick Lauriston

The Destroyer, a beast bred for war; physically strong, cunning as a fox, relentless in his pursuit of death. He made this war personal all those years ago; from the ashes of Seoul, Republic of Korea, he had sown the seeds of hate in the heart of Humanity. Some twenty years before, interstellar war became a reality when, through human proxies, Hostis executed a series of terrorist attacks on Earth. Killing hundreds of thousands of people in less than a week of activity, the Hostis plan to incite nuclear war between the superpowers of Earth would have succeeded, if not for the actions of Marshall Allen and his Archangels. Allen had accomplished one aspect of his mission while failing tragically in another; though he prevented a nuclear holocaust, he could not save the love of his life. Today, he would know vengeance. Today, he was the sword of Justice.
Today, the Guardian would kill Death.