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Harvey Weinstein’s Unmasking is Forcing Cultural Change.

It Also Highlights Grave Injustices


BREAKTHROUGH: Man Regains Voluntary Movement After Years of New Treatment

Andrew Meas broke his neck in a motorcycle accident when he was just 28 years old. Six years after, he has regained the ability to voluntarily move his legs.

Does the Center of The Milky Way Contain the Answer to Finding the Fifth Fundamental Force of Nature

The Standard Model, the four fundamental forces, and the gaps left behind. Could a new hypothetical fifth force be the answer to filling in the gaps?

Dear Minorities – Democrats do not care about you

How leftists will shut you down, no matter who or what you are, just because of your opinion.

We’re Born Sexists – And it’s Time to Man-Up and Admit it [Satire]

Let’s be honest with ourselves, we actually know that men are privileged. We just don’t want to admit it. But I think that after I finally take the first step, […]

Riots Escalate – Three More Dead in Anti-Socialist Protests

On Monday, three Venezuelans were left dead, putting the total death toll since the start of “Mother of All Marches” to twenty-four. SBS reports: “Several others were seriously injured and “between […]

102 Years – Brief History of the Armenian Genocide, and Erdogan`s Denial

One hundred and two years ago today, April 24th, is the date that is set to be the start of the Armenian Genocide. The Ottoman government rounded up Armenians, mostly […]

Turkey, a Key American Ally, Takes a Step Towards an Islamist Dictatorship

A constitutional referendum was held throughout Turkey on 16 April 2017, on whether to approve 18 proposed amendments to the Turkish constitution that were brought forward by the governing Justice […]

Muslim women endorse wife beating

“Men are in charge of women by [right of] what Allah has given one over the other and what they spend [for maintenance] from their wealth. So righteous women are devoutly obedient, guarding in […]

No, Western Civilization is not based on the Ten Commandments

You often hear fundamentalists say that the Ten Commandments should be placed in public spaces because they are the basis of our whole legal system. But how true is this […]