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Open Letter to President Trump regarding trade policies

Originally posted on Mike Brodo:
Dear Mr. President Donald J. Trump, Globalization. Are you familiar with this concept that has made the American economy so strong, the American consumer so…

Trump is Wrong to End Michelle Obama’s Girls’ Education Program

In 2015, Michelle Obama led the “Let Girls Learn” United States initiative to promote girls’ access to education in impoverished countries.  Today, Trump ended that program, effective immediately. This cut is […]

How Social Media Has Hurt the Political Climate.

Social media, though it has greatly advanced the mass communication of news, data, and other information, has contributed to the growingly hostile political culture that has emerged in recent years. […]

Where Libertarians Go Wrong: Abortion

A common misconception that many Americans have regarding libertarianism is that it is an inherently pro-choice movement—pro-choice on economic, foreign, domestic, and social affairs.  Though the divisive issue of abortion […]