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Keystone Pipeline Spills Thousands of Gallons of Oil in South Dakota

Lawmakers to decide on Keystone XL on Monday as 210,000 gallons of oil are spilled


Quasi-Coup in Zimbawbe

The president is under the military’s custody and could be ousted after decades of rule.

Fox News Contributor Kat Timpf Disses Radiohead

Kat Timpf, a Fox News contributor and writer for National Review, referred to fans of Radiohead as, “strange, malnourished, and sad”. She also said Radiohead’s music is,  “Just elaborate moaning […]

A Response to @Pro_Choice’s Terrible Article

@ancap_outlaw, @sonny_libertarian, and @liberty_and_iron have teamed up to defend the Pro Life position. This is an article from @pro_choice, available here: s Outlaw: Judging by the emotional, nonargumentative, and inspecific language […]

Democrats’ Russia Narrative Destroyed, Trump NOT Under Investigation

The Senate Intelligence Committee released the text of Comey’s opening statement he   gave during today’s Comey hearing. CNN and other anti-trump Democratic media, thought that Comey was, “expected to […]

WATCH: John Bolton – “The Exit Of The Paris Accord Is the Rejection Of Global Governance”

Former Ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton called the Paris Climate Accord an “attempt to undermine national sovereignty” and praised Trump’s choice to drop out of the agreement on Neil […]

Celebrities – Stay in Your Lane, Politics Isn’t For You.

Hollywood is almost entirely left-wing, this isn’t a secret. So why do celebrities act like coming out with their political views is brave? It’s not brave when everyone who you […]

Feminists Complain about Victoria’s Secret’s Sexy Fashion Show

Victoria’s Secret’s annual “#WhatIsSexy” campaign has the company battling accusations of racism, for some reason. This year’s winners include models from Instagram. Plus, celebrities like Taylor Swift, actress Vanessa Hudgens, and This […]

“Vault 7” CIA Illegally Harbored Exploits For Consumer Devices

From Wikileaks: Vault 7 is a trove of 8,761 confidential documents, which has been obtained by WikiLeaks. It contains evidence that the CIA has been building its own “fleet of hackers” […]