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A Plan for Syria

Now that the US has gotten involved in Syria fighting ISIS and the Kurds are approaching Raqqa, there must be a plan for a post-ISIS Syria. Some people might argue […]

Catholicism vs Protestantism: The Case for Protestanism

  Since Martin Luther pegged his 95 Theses to that church door, this debate has been arguably the most important and lasting debate in Christianity. Christianity’s basic doctrines about who can […]

Why The Senate Should Vote AGAINST Gorsuch [A Satire]

A few weeks ago, President Trump nominated Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court to fill the seat vacated by the death of Justice Scalia. Gorsuch was given hearings by the […]

On Mike Flynn and the Intelligence Community

Mike Flynn resigned this last week from being the National Security Advisor after the intelligence community leaked documents showing that he had discussed removing the sanctions on Russia during a […]

Debunking Rape Culture

Many leftist feminists say that in the West, in America in particular, there is an all-pervasive “rape culture.” If this claim is true, then it must be addressed, as I […]

Trump Immigration Executive Order: A Muslim Ban? No.

There has been a great deal of fury over Trump’s executive order on refugees in the past few days. If some of these accusations are correct, Trump has become an […]

Libertarian Globalism

Many people have this belief, libertarians especially, that America should not interfere in other countries’ affairs because what happens in say, Libya, does not affect American citizens. However, this is […]