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Torture and Its Psychology: A Study Into the Mindset and Reasoning Behind Torture

Torture as a whole originates with that of the earliest civilizations we can name. It’s found among the Assyrians, the early Egyptians, Babylonians, Sumerians, and many other groups.1 As humanity spread […]

America’s Regulatory Problem Explained in One Graph

As the new administration cuts down on excessive regulations, it’s important to note that these are just small steps to larger problem with the country’s bureaucracy. A report released by […]

Too Little too Late

The Trump Administration recently announced it’s plan to combat the opioid epidemic. How effective will it be?

Elon Musk Will Leave if Trump Revokes Paris Agreement

While press reports say that Donald Trump has already decided to withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement, which seeks to combat the effects of climate change, someone close […]

Who is the Main Character of the World?

How do we decide which life was the most important for our species?

Puerto Rico – 51st State

Puerto Rico is the more famous territory under the domain of the United States of America. Won after the Spanish-American War, it has served as a paradise for people across […]

Why Trump Fired Comey, and What it Shows About our Government

President Donald Trump has officially fired the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, James Comey. Much of the world is scratching their heads at this move. Some question it’s […]

Why Le Pen is the wrong choice for France

France lives now in a time of similar division than that of the United States. A new president must now step in the steer the country either to the left […]

Socialism: Mankind’s very own Mass-Extinction event

Socialism. The word has been subject to the utmost controversy since it’s formal introduction into the political spectrum in the mid 1800’s. People fear it, despise it, or embrace it. […]