Category: Culture

Hollywood vs DC on Sexual Scandals

There’s a major difference in how we treat politicians versus celebrities in the wave of the “Weinstein Effect”


There is no Moral Case for Moore

The case against Roy Moore

Towards a Blockchain Future

Radical ideas of how blockchain technology could change the world

Roy Moore Must Step Aside

Roy Moore is a disgusting human being and pathetic representation of the Republican Party and the conservative movement. Today, at noon, the Washington Post dropped a story that made it […]

The iPhone X Really Is All That

The iPhone’s legacy as an intuitive technological masterpiece continues.

How Internet Trolls Just Beat The Mainstream Media

Recently, 4Chan users began a national campaign to “nuke the reputability of far left campuses and media”. To do so, an anonymous user on the forum based site recruited other […]

Will This App Revolutionize Commerce?

This e-commerce software wants you to buy and sell goods with Bitcoin.

BREAKTHROUGH: Man Regains Voluntary Movement After Years of New Treatment

Andrew Meas broke his neck in a motorcycle accident when he was just 28 years old. Six years after, he has regained the ability to voluntarily move his legs.

A Hip-Hop Rejoinder

A defender of “mumble rap” wasn’t so pleased with what I had to say.