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The Token Economy: It’s Time to be Paid for Every Single Job We Do

“In the future, many more things we do (passive or active) will be offset by a token of some sort. Likewise, governments are issuing money today, in the future companies […]

Review of Wonder Woman

I occasionally do movie reviews and in the past, I have done formatted it in the standard paragraph format. This time I will change it up, I will do a […]

The Battle for Freedom of Speech Rages On

Sam C. 5/30/17 The Battle against Hate Speech Rages on It took the first nine states of what would become the United States to ratify our constitution. The first of […]

Who is the Main Character of the World?

How do we decide which life was the most important for our species?

Baseball: The Most American Sport

Few things are as American as baseball. It’s not just because it’s first America’s first or that it continues to be our favorite pasttime; Is also because baseball reflects American […]

Important Life Lesson from Kanye

The Chicago rapper is known for all sorts of antics. Fighting with the papparazzi, accusing the president of disregarding black people, and stealing an acceptance speech to declare who should […]

Seth Rich Conspiracy Nonsense [Updated]

Last week, Ben Shapiro said we need to wait for evidence on the Seth Rich case. This is utter nonsense. No, conservatives should not pause and give conspiracy theory nonsense […]