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Aaron Rodgers is the GOAT

Sorry Tom


NFL QBs are getting worse

NFL Quarterbacks are starting to suck. Losing great signal callers like Peyton Manning is not helping. Neither is the aging of Hall of Famers like Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady– […]

Top 25 Christmas Songs

With Christmas here, we have the opportunity to settle the most important question of the season: what are the best Christmas songs? Here are the twenty-five best songs for the […]

Black Achilles

Elitists in the entertainment industry continue their onslaught against historical accuracy in favor of false diversity

The Last Jedi is Hot Garbage

The Force Awakens was a remake of a New Hope. It had Darth Vader 2.0, Tatooine 2.0, and Death Star 3.0. Like a New Hope, it began by the “antagonist” […]

“Star Wars: The Last Jedi” Review

Writer and Director Rian Johnson takes some risks and comes out on top

Ranking All Star Wars Movies

With The Last Jedi coming out today, it is time to establish the scientifically correct list of Star Wars movies. Rogue One Revenge of the Sith The Empire Strikes Back […]

Bilan Report College Football Index

Last weekend, on Instagram, I created a basic football index and compared a couple of teams. After asking for feedback, I decided to construct it for the top 16 teams […]

The Case for Ohio State (and the Case Against Bama)

Less than twenty-four hours from the College Football Playoff Committee’s selection of four playoff-bound teams, we have three clear choices– Oklahoma, Clemson, and Auburn– but the fourth spot is a […]