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Bitcoin might be the Crypto-Gold. But Ethereum is the Crypto-Silicon

While Bitcoin is soaring past $10 thousand, Ethereum is the sleeping giant.


Net Neutrality isn’t Vital to Protect Consumers

Net neutrality is a hot topic in American politics, but is it really all it’s cracked up to be?

Towards a Blockchain Future

Radical ideas of how blockchain technology could change the world

The iPhone X Really Is All That

The iPhone’s legacy as an intuitive technological masterpiece continues.

Will This App Revolutionize Commerce?

This e-commerce software wants you to buy and sell goods with Bitcoin.

BREAKTHROUGH: Man Regains Voluntary Movement After Years of New Treatment

Andrew Meas broke his neck in a motorcycle accident when he was just 28 years old. Six years after, he has regained the ability to voluntarily move his legs.

Walmart is Pushing Automization

Watch out Fight for $15. You’re just digging your own grave faster

No Need to Fear AI

We don’t need to follow Hollywood’s depictions of killer robots.

The Token Economy: It’s Time to be Paid for Every Single Job We Do

“In the future, many more things we do (passive or active) will be offset by a token of some sort. Likewise, governments are issuing money today, in the future companies […]

The Limitations of Bitcoin

We should go beyond the bitcoin mania and understand the obstacles that the technology faces.