Category: Technology

Towards a Blockchain Future

Radical ideas of how blockchain technology could change the world


The iPhone X Really Is All That

The iPhone’s legacy as an intuitive technological masterpiece continues.

Will This App Revolutionize Commerce?

This e-commerce software wants you to buy and sell goods with Bitcoin.

BREAKTHROUGH: Man Regains Voluntary Movement After Years of New Treatment

Andrew Meas broke his neck in a motorcycle accident when he was just 28 years old. Six years after, he has regained the ability to voluntarily move his legs.

Walmart is Pushing Automization

Watch out Fight for $15. You’re just digging your own grave faster

No Need to Fear AI

We don’t need to follow Hollywood’s depictions of killer robots.

The Token Economy: It’s Time to be Paid for Every Single Job We Do

“In the future, many more things we do (passive or active) will be offset by a token of some sort. Likewise, governments are issuing money today, in the future companies […]

The Limitations of Bitcoin

We should go beyond the bitcoin mania and understand the obstacles that the technology faces.

Ocean-Floating Cities in the Near Future?

Most imagine mankind’s next colonization to take place out on the final frontier, and some companies, like Mars One, are on their way to do so, but it could take nearly […]