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Irony Beyond Parody

Imagine being so far into the left wing bubble that you think the left is a cultural minority– and that conservatives hold the majority.


Paul Krugman is a Liar

Reason 81070 Paul Krugman is a political hack.

Alternative Facts Episode 8: The Return of the Sh*t Talkers

Roman, Sara, Sam and Sonny talk about the Trumpcare, Single-payer murder, net neutrality and more.

Black Hitler Makes a Fool of Himself

Matt Palumbo of Being Classically Liberal and Unbiased America on FaceBook recently debated Black Hitler (Gazi Kodzo) on the Gavin McInnes Show. Enjoy.

Alternative Facts Episode 6 (Trump, Trump and more Trump)

Roman, Sara, Chip and Sonny talk about the Trump economy, Trump tax cuts, Trump’s first 100 days and Trumpcare.