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Seinfeld: 20 Years On

In May 1998, 76 million people tuned in to watch the final episode of Seinfeld. Since its premier in 1989, this “show about nothing” turned our expectations upside-down about what a sitcom could be.

NFL QBs are getting worse

NFL Quarterbacks are starting to suck. Losing great signal callers like Peyton Manning is not helping. Neither is the aging of Hall of Famers like Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady– […]

Irony Beyond Parody

Imagine being so far into the left wing bubble that you think the left is a cultural minority– and that conservatives hold the majority.

Paul Krugman is a Liar

Reason 81070 Paul Krugman is a political hack.

Alternative Facts Episode 8: The Return of the Sh*t Talkers

Roman, Sara, Sam and Sonny talk about the Trumpcare, Single-payer murder, net neutrality and more.

Black Hitler Makes a Fool of Himself

Matt Palumbo of Being Classically Liberal and Unbiased America on FaceBook recently debated Black Hitler (Gazi Kodzo) on the Gavin McInnes Show. Enjoy.

Alternative Facts Episode 6 (Trump, Trump and more Trump)

Roman, Sara, Chip and Sonny talk about the Trump economy, Trump tax cuts, Trump’s first 100 days and Trumpcare.