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NFL QBs are getting worse

NFL Quarterbacks are starting to suck. Losing great signal callers like Peyton Manning is not helping. Neither is the aging of Hall of Famers like Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady– […]

Alternative Facts Episode 8: The Return of the Sh*t Talkers

Roman, Sara, Sam and Sonny talk about the Trumpcare, Single-payer murder, net neutrality and more.

Alternative Facts Episode 6 (Trump, Trump and more Trump)

Roman, Sara, Chip and Sonny talk about the Trump economy, Trump tax cuts, Trump’s first 100 days and Trumpcare.  

Alternative Facts Episode 6 (Religious Liberty, Le Pen, North Korea and Star Wars)

Roman, Sara, Chip and Sonny talk about religious liberty, anti-socialist protests, North Korea, Bill O’reilly and Star Wars.

A Discussion on Communism

Roman, Brian, and Isaiah talk with a communist and a random North Korean agent on communism. It was a slaughter.  

Alternative Facts Episode 5

Roman, Sara, Chip and two guests join to talk about Syria, Neil Gorgeous, maybe the job report and we will have winners and losers.

Turning Table Episode 9: (Trumpcare, Obama Spying and Russia!)

  After three communists did not show for a communism debate Roman and Brian did an impromptu episode of the Turning Tables. They talked about Trumpcare, Trump spying, Russia and debated NASA […]

Alternative Facts Episode 4

Sara, Chip, Sonny and Roman talk about Trumpcare, Neil Gorgeous and Comey’s testimony.