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Milton Friedman: One of the Great Libertarians

This article was originally published on 71Republic and co-written by Manu Belmonte. Murray Rothbard was born in 1926 and died in 1995. Milton Friedman was born in 1912 and died […]

A Defense of Walmart

Walmart, while not perfect, deserves, from a utilitarian perspective, a three for good ethical standards and especially its benefits towards society. When evaluating Walmart, we should evaluate it by how […]

Catholicism vs Protestantism: An Orthodox Perspective

My colleagues Chip, Roman, and Sara have kicked off a debate over Catholicism and Protestantism at the Credible Hulk magazine. I would like to give a third, Eastern Orthodox perspective to the debate. […]

The Case for the Catholic Church

Recently our Protestant co-author on the site laid out the case for Protestantism for an on-site debate. While we recognize that not all Protestants hold all these belief, as there […]

A Discussion on Communism

Roman, Brian, and Isaiah talk with a communist and a random North Korean agent on communism. It was a slaughter.  

Catholicism vs Protestantism: The Case for Protestanism

  Since Martin Luther pegged his 95 Theses to that church door, this debate has been arguably the most important and lasting debate in Christianity. Christianity’s basic doctrines about who can […]

Turning Table Episode 8: (CIA Leaks, Abolishing Public Ed and Bombing Iran)

The eight episode of the Turning Table podcast. Brain could not make it but Roman and Sam do a series of mini debates on many topics!

Debating A Flat Earth Ancap

Recently, I debated @ancap_outlaw on the topic of anarchy, if it could happen, and if it’s a good idea. I highly suggest watching the debate in its entirety as it […]