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Make Liberalism Great Again – Part 2

Following Churchill, classical liberalism found a new hero in the form of a young charismatic man considered by many to be the greatest president in American history, John F Kennedy. […]

A Story of Two Genders

Transgenderism has been around for awhile. That’s actually a pretty large understatement considering the phenomenon of gender dysphoria has existed for millennia. It’s always carried a hefty taboo and for […]

Why America is Exceptional

One of the greatest things about our society is that we can get ahead by helping others. Until recent human history, to get ahead you had to help yourself and […]

Socialism: Mankind’s very own Mass-Extinction event

Socialism. The word has been subject to the utmost controversy since it’s formal introduction into the political spectrum in the mid 1800’s. People fear it, despise it, or embrace it. […]

What is capitalism

As defenders of free market capitalism, we have to ask ourselves, what is capitalism? In arguments, we often find ourselves in a situation. To use a cliche, is that real […]

The Failure of Socialism

Has there ever been an economic system that ended in a more spectacular failure than socialism? While the average person in socialist Venezuela lost 17 pounds last year because of […]

Why The Founding Fathers Were Wrong

The hallmark of our liberal republic is the federal congressional presidency established by the Constitution as a replacement to the Articles of Confederation. The Founders did not completely agree over how the […]

Catholicism vs Protestantism: An Orthodox Perspective

My colleagues Chip, Roman, and Sara have kicked off a debate over Catholicism and Protestantism at the Credible Hulk magazine. I would like to give a third, Eastern Orthodox perspective to the debate. […]

No, Western Civilization is not based on the Ten Commandments

You often hear fundamentalists say that the Ten Commandments should be placed in public spaces because they are the basis of our whole legal system. But how true is this […]

The Case for the Catholic Church

Recently our Protestant co-author on the site laid out the case for Protestantism for an on-site debate. While we recognize that not all Protestants hold all these belief, as there […]