Category: Philosophy

A Discussion on Communism

Roman, Brian, and Isaiah talk with a communist and a random North Korean agent on communism. It was a slaughter.  

Why I AM a Conservative

Abstract: In the United States, Conservatism has faced a significant amount of cultural resistance from political liberals, progressives, and libertarians. The amount of internal tension within the American Conservative and […]

Blame Progressives not Capitalism for Imperialism

They talk about the failure of socialism but where is the success of capitalism in Africa, Asia and Latin America? – Fidel Castro One of the biggest arguments about capitalism […]

Catholicism vs Protestantism: The Case for Protestanism

  Since Martin Luther pegged his 95 Theses to that church door, this debate has been arguably the most important and lasting debate in Christianity. Christianity’s basic doctrines about who can […]

Smashing Socialism

Has there ever been an economic system that ended in a more spectacular failure than socialism? While the average person in socialist Venezuela lost 17 pounds last year because of […]

3 Ways to Debunk Flat-Earth Arguments

Why do I have to talk about this? Seriously, I think this is a leftist trope but it actually works here. It is 2017. Seriously, we have known this since […]

Turning Table Episode 8: (CIA Leaks, Abolishing Public Ed and Bombing Iran)

The eight episode of the Turning Table podcast. Brain could not make it but Roman and Sam do a series of mini debates on many topics!

Against NRx

Western thought created the Enlightenment with the refutation of monarchism. The old feudal system was bad because it failed to recognize the ability to reason innate in (most) all human […]

Debating A Flat Earth Ancap

Recently, I debated @ancap_outlaw on the topic of anarchy, if it could happen, and if it’s a good idea. I highly suggest watching the debate in its entirety as it […]