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Where Libertarians Go Wrong: Abortion

A common misconception that many Americans have regarding libertarianism is that it is an inherently pro-choice movement—pro-choice on economic, foreign, domestic, and social affairs.  Though the divisive issue of abortion […]

The Atheist Delusion [Updated]

Many Internet atheists will automatically default to the Oxford definition of atheism to avoid any burden of proof. The Oxford dictionary defines atheism as the “disbelief or lack of belief […]

Left Vs Right Debate!

The most epic left versus right debate in the history of Youtube!

Debunking Rape Culture

Many leftist feminists say that in the West, in America in particular, there is an all-pervasive “rape culture.” If this claim is true, then it must be addressed, as I […]

Why I’m Not A Libertarian.

The intent of this essay is to explain how and why I came about rejecting the term “Libertarian” in favor of “Classical Liberal.” It is not a purely observational essay, […]

‘Social Justice’ and ‘White Privilege’ DEBUNKED

Social justice is the left’s attempt to “level” the playing field. It is meant to make all of us “equal”. This, at first sounds okay, equal rights and opportunities should […]

Bernie Sanders Debate [Update]

Update on 1/19/2017 The debate has been rescheduled. You can watch here either live or after. Sadly they did not show but we took some questions. And here is what […]

Communist Debate

Here is the communism debate I recently took part in. It was supposed to be 3v3 but two commies never talked and ended up leaving.

Debating a College Lefty

Here is a debate I took part in with a college lefty

USSR Debate

I debate @american_marxist again but this time the debate was focus to the USSR. This was sup[posed to be a 2v2 but a commie did not show.