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Alternative Facts Episode 8: The Return of the Sh*t Talkers

Roman, Sara, Sam and Sonny talk about the Trumpcare, Single-payer murder, net neutrality and more. Advertisements

Alternative Facts Episode 6 (Trump, Trump and more Trump)

Roman, Sara, Chip and Sonny talk about the Trump economy, Trump tax cuts, Trump’s first 100 days and Trumpcare.  

Alternative Facts Episode 6 (Religious Liberty, Le Pen, North Korea and Star Wars)

Roman, Sara, Chip and Sonny talk about religious liberty, anti-socialist protests, North Korea, Bill O’reilly and Star Wars.

A Discussion on Communism

Roman, Brian, and Isaiah talk with a communist and a random North Korean agent on communism. It was a slaughter.  

Alternative Facts Episode 5

Roman, Sara, Chip and two guests join to talk about Syria, Neil Gorgeous, maybe the job report and we will have winners and losers.

Turning Table Episode 9: (Trumpcare, Obama Spying and Russia!)

  After three communists did not show for a communism debate Roman and Brian did an impromptu episode of the Turning Tables. They talked about Trumpcare, Trump spying, Russia and debated NASA […]

Alternative Facts Episode 4

Sara, Chip, Sonny and Roman talk about Trumpcare, Neil Gorgeous and Comey’s testimony.

Turning Table Episode 8: (CIA Leaks, Abolishing Public Ed and Bombing Iran)

The eight episode of the Turning Table podcast. Brain could not make it but Roman and Sam do a series of mini debates on many topics!