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Justice Dept. sues to stop AT&T’s $85B Time Warner deal

The Justice Department is suing to stop AT&T’s $85 billion purchase of Time Warner, setting the stage for an epic legal battle with the telecom giant.


Trump Tower Linked to Organized Crime

The Central American Tower is Reportedly Linked to Money Laundering to Drug Cartels

Keystone Pipeline Spills Thousands of Gallons of Oil in South Dakota

Lawmakers to decide on Keystone XL on Monday as 210,000 gallons of oil are spilled

Hollywood vs DC on Sexual Scandals

There’s a major difference in how we treat politicians versus celebrities in the wave of the “Weinstein Effect”

Young Turks Host Blames Holocaust on Christianity

Armenian genocide denier gives his own historical take on the causes of the holocaust

Immigrants in Limbo

Legally residing immigrants that Trump may kick out

How Internet Trolls Just Beat The Mainstream Media

Recently, 4Chan users began a national campaign to “nuke the reputability of far left campuses and media”. To do so, an anonymous user on the forum based site recruited other […]

Manafort and Gates Charged With Conspiracy to Money Launder

12 count indictment for conspiracy to money launder has been charged against former Trump officials Paul Manafort Rick Gates

Mueller Set to Indict

A grand jury has agreed to allow criminal indictment towards the Russian Investigation