Category: Foreign Policy

US Successfully Intercepts Ballistic Missile in Test

Growing anxiety from a nuclear and hostile North Korea has had the Pentagon up their defense from a potential nuclear attack. The US Military successfully shot down an intercontinental-range missile […]

The End of an American World

The experiment of Pax Americana that began in the ruins of World War Two is coming to an end. While we maintain our military superiority on the global stage, we […]

A Plan for Syria

Now that the US has gotten involved in Syria fighting ISIS and the Kurds are approaching Raqqa, there must be a plan for a post-ISIS Syria. Some people might argue […]

Trump’s Speech to the Middle East was Amazing

Wowza. One for the history books. President Donald Trump Delivers a Historic Speech to the Muslim Nations The thing that is so amazing about this speech: When you see the […]

Why Jordan Should Annex Palestine

The President yesterday landed in Israel as part of his tour through the Middle East. The President reiterated his goal to achieve peace between the two nations in a deal […]

Clinton White House V.2

For someone who ran as an outsider and anti-establishment, Donald Trump sure knows how to act like one. The President landed in Saudi Arabia on Saturday ready to do business and […]

What Should be Done on North Korea

North Korea is one of the most complex foreign policy questions in the world today. The basic assumption running American policy from the Pentagon, is that credible deterrence and coercive […]

North Korea Ready to Respond Strongly to United States, Officials Say

North Korea on Tuesday denounced the “foolish” deployment of the US Navy along the Korean peninsula, and warned that the regime is prepared to respond with “the powerful force of […]