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Libertarians: Give Up On Politics 

Originally posted on Learning Hayek:
The libertarian movement isn’t going to succeed by having a Ron Paul politician run for president. The problem with this is threefold:? They are hard…


BLM’s Anti-Police Rhetoric is Viciously Stupid. Libertarians Shouldn’t Lend Our Sympathy to it.

In the winter of 2010, I became heavily involved in grassroots protesting. Looking back, it’s something I deeply regret — not because I regret standing up against policies that I disagreed with, […]

‘Not a Real Libertarian’

Any public libertarian figure has been accused of not being a ‘real libertarian’ at least once. If you explore the many Facebook comment battles between libertarians, you’re sure to find […]

Minimum Wage: A Failure at Solving Poverty

We have a poverty issue in America. In 2015 the poverty rate was 13.5%, while our GDP per capita was $56,115.17. Our poverty line was $11,490 for an individual, $44,625.17 below […]

JB Pritzker – A Man For Himself

JB Pritzker, a wealthy Illinois Democrat running for governor, has taken a $230,000 tax deduction off of the 6.2 million dollar mansion he purchased next door to his other mansion. […]

The Conservative Position on Welfare

America’s welfare system is broken as it stands now. Conservatives object to all or almost all forms of government intervention in the free-market. This does not mean that conservatives believe in letting the poor and homeless suffer and die in the streets. We, as a society, have an obligation to provide aid to those who cannot fend for themselves. However, we aren’t interested in lining the pockets of bureaucrats and people who refuse to work for themselves.

The First Amendment on College Campuses

When it comes to politics, very few issues are totally black and white. The right answer to a question can be hard to find in a world where the media […]