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American History: Our Hope for the Future

As our nation slowly divides, each political party becomes more extreme. The issue with this, is that the number of things that Americans can come together for is decreasing.  As […]

Lies and Misconceptions About the Basic Income

FEE has a lot of misconceptions in their criticism of a basic income

Trumps Trade Team Failed Basic Economics

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross recently said We don’t think it’s inherent in a global trading system that one country, namely the U.S., absorbs in its deficit the cumulative trade surplus […]

Trumpism Tumbles

Election day gives a bleak look at Trumps future.

Trump 1 Democrats 0

Democrats blunder by over-hyping the Mueller investigation

TPUSA: Wannabe “Hipster” Conservatives

A moronic group of college students that waste millions in their endeavour to promote their agenda to young people

Too Little too Late

The Trump Administration recently announced it’s plan to combat the opioid epidemic. How effective will it be?

A response to Sachi Feris’ blog post on “cultural appropriation”

I have officially lost all hope in the future of this country. This country is done for. No president can save us. We are too far gone. I say this […]

A Response to @Pro_Choice’s Terrible Article

@ancap_outlaw, @sonny_libertarian, and @liberty_and_iron have teamed up to defend the Pro Life position. This is an article from @pro_choice, available here: s Outlaw: Judging by the emotional, nonargumentative, and inspecific language […]