Category: World News

Trump Tower Linked to Organized Crime

The Central American Tower is Reportedly Linked to Money Laundering to Drug Cartels


Quasi-Coup in Zimbawbe

The president is under the military’s custody and could be ousted after decades of rule.

Venezuela Defaults

What once was hailed as a beacon for socialism is now moving one step closer to bankruptcy

How Internet Trolls Just Beat The Mainstream Media

Recently, 4Chan users began a national campaign to “nuke the reputability of far left campuses and media”. To do so, an anonymous user on the forum based site recruited other […]

Catalan Separatist Leader Flees Spain

Former Catalonia President flees Spain amid rebellion charges

Hundreds of Thousands Rally for Spanish Unity

Counter independence organizers come out in support for Spanish nationalism

Euro Markets in Turmoil

A sharp decline in Spain’s IBEX 35 highlights market reactions towards Catalonia’s latest move to declare independence from Spain. The index has fallen as low  2.1 percent and euro zone […]

Catalonia Unilaterally Declares Independence

Crisis intensifies in Catalonia as lawmakers attempt to secede from Madrid

Clinton-Russia Falsehood

Did the former Secretary of State sell uranium to the Russians?