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JB Pritzker – A Man For Himself

JB Pritzker, a wealthy Illinois Democrat running for governor, has taken a $230,000 tax deduction off of the 6.2 million dollar mansion he purchased next door to his other mansion. […]

The Murder of Judge Reflects High Level of Violence in Venezuela

37 year old Nelson Moncada, was shot to death Wednesday night. The government blames the opposition, claiming they ordered it.

Former Panamanian Dictator Dies

Manuel Antonio Noriega, who was detained in a hospital since March for a brain tumor operation, died at the age of 83. “The death of Manuel A. Noriega closes a […]

Riots Escalate – Three More Dead in Anti-Socialist Protests

On Monday, three Venezuelans were left dead, putting the total death toll since the start of “Mother of All Marches” to twenty-four. SBS reports: “Several others were seriously injured and “between […]

The Venezuelan Revolution against Socialism

One thing I have always regretted being too young to miss was the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Baltic Way, or when Moscow started down communist hardliners. I would […]

Venezuelan Parliament Begins the Process of Removing Socialism

Unable to begin session today, the Venezuelan National Assembly on Wednesday will plan to remove magistrates of the Supreme Tribunal of Justice (TSJ) that carried out the coup d’etat which would […]

Americans are the Largest Illegal Immigrant Group in Mexico

Ellos nos robaron de nuestros trabajos!  Illegal immigration has been a hot button issue this election. President Donald Trump has pledged to deport all undocumented immigrants in our country and […]