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Takeaways from Round One of the French Election

Like a tossed coin, France voted this Sunday in a presidential election that was more open than ever, with up to four candidates with the possibility of becoming the president of […]

The French Presidential Election: What You Need to Know

In recent months, the world has been swept by a populist/nationalist attitude. In June of 2016, the United Kingdom left the European Union, and 3 months later, Donald J. Trump […]

Turkey, a Key American Ally, Takes a Step Towards an Islamist Dictatorship

A constitutional referendum was held throughout Turkey on 16 April 2017, on whether to approve 18 proposed amendments to the Turkish constitution that were brought forward by the governing Justice […]

Several Killed in Truck Bomb Attack in Stockholm, Sweden

The driver of the truck that crashed passers-by in central Stockholm on Friday committed an “attack” in which several people died, Swedish security services (Säpo) said. After hitting several people, […]

Why Le Pen will Lose and Fillon Will Likely Win

Fillon is pulling tactics out of the Trump playbook and it’s working. The Républicain candidate has dipped in the polls for allegedly paying his wife with taxpayer money for a […]