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The Case for Bombing Syria

Last Friday night, President Trump along with Prime Minister, Theresa May of Great Britain and President Emmanuel Macron of France engaged in a limited but highly controversial air campaign against […]

On Iranian Protests, US Should Stay Silent

Some things are best kept quiet

By Moving U.S. Embassy To Jerusalem, Trump Kills The Two State Solution

Egypt and Saudi Arabia aren’t democracies, but they’re still sensitive to public opinion. Actions that upset their populations provoke protests, boost ISIS recruitment, and require them to devote more resources […]

What Should the US do in Syria?

It may be late to take the most preferred actions in the troubled country, so what’s the lesser evil route we should take as of now?

Qatar to Lose World Cup Hosting Event?

The troubles with the WC hosting, and the inside corruption in FIFA

President Backs Saudi Arabia Against Qatar

President Donald Trump gave his clear support Tuesday to Saudi Arabia’s diplomatic and economic campaign to isolate Qatar, accusing them of “supporting terrorism.” In an unexpected move against a key […]

Why Jordan Should Annex Palestine

The President yesterday landed in Israel as part of his tour through the Middle East. The President reiterated his goal to achieve peace between the two nations in a deal […]

102 Years – Brief History of the Armenian Genocide, and Erdogan`s Denial

One hundred and two years ago today, April 24th, is the date that is set to be the start of the Armenian Genocide. The Ottoman government rounded up Armenians, mostly […]

9 Civilians and 3 Military Personnel Dead in US Airstrike

The United States launched a massive bombing on Syrian targets this Thursday, with at least 59 guided missiles in response to a chemical weapons attack for which the White House […]