7 New Years Pledges for DC

Donald Trump can stop complaining about the Federal Reserve. 4 of the 5 Governors are his appointees, including the Fed Chair. The Fed is acting exactly how everyone expected it […]

25 must follow conservatives on Twitter

Twitter is a toxic subculture but conservative Twitter is– generally– a light in the dark. Here are 25 conservative Twitter accounts everyone should follow. While you’re at it, follow me […]

Three Conservative Movements

A look at modern American conservatism

Can any Republican beat Trump?

The short answer is the same as the long answer

Is there a Democrat worth supporting in 2020?

Is there a Democrat worth supporting in 2020? Recently that question has posed to me a couple of times. Almost two years into the Trump administration and there is an, […]

Don’t worry about a shutdown. It’s an Act

We’ve been down this road before. We know where it goes.

The New Morons

The “new” “socialists” are here