A Case for the Preservation of the United States of America

In contemporary times, it is becoming apparent that the world is rapidly changing, for better or for worse. Some people believe that change is always good. However, is that an […]

Bilan Report College Football Index

Last weekend, on Instagram, I created a basic football index and compared a couple of teams. After asking for feedback, I decided to construct it for the top 16 teams […]

The Case for Ohio State (and the Case Against Bama)

Less than twenty-four hours from the College Football Playoff Committee’s selection of four playoff-bound teams, we have three clear choices– Oklahoma, Clemson, and Auburn– but the fourth spot is a […]

Is It Time for The Dark Knight to Hang up His Cape for Good?

After an incredible 75 year long journey, maybe Bruce should consider letting the next generation of the BatFamily pick up where he leaves off.

A Defense of Walmart

Walmart, while not perfect, deserves, from a utilitarian perspective, a three for good ethical standards and especially its benefits towards society. When evaluating Walmart, we should evaluate it by how […]

What We Want Revealed in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

A list of theories and clues we want verified in the next episode of the saga

Against the War on Drugs

The United States of America has a problem. Drug usage is extraordinarily high- anyone knows where to find a drug dealer, even elementary school kids. Violent crime is on the […]

GOP Establishment accuses Trump Base of Abandoning Conservative Principles Call For Automatic Tax Hike

Never Trump Republicans are guilty of what they accused Trump voters: abandoning conservative principles

Bitcoin might be the Crypto-Gold. But Ethereum is the Crypto-Silicon

While Bitcoin is soaring past $10 thousand, Ethereum is the sleeping giant.

The Negative Income Tax: A New Paradigm

The negative income tax, or NIT, is a system where people who make under a certain income receive a certain amount of money from the government over the course of […]