Compilation of Thomas Sowell Laying Down Economics

We all know how great Thomas Sowell, affectionately nicknamed “black economics man” by the internet, is. Here is a compilation of him laying down economics.

12 Predictions for the Trump Administration

Donald Trump will not be the end of the world but it will not be a conservative administration. As Drew McCoy said, 1. Donald Trump will not engage in mass […]

Trumps Cabinet

If Donald Trump is serious about being a great President then here is what I think his cabinet and advisors should look like. Those what are bolded are the ones […]

Donald’s First 100 Days

As Donald Trump prepares to take the office of the President of the United States he lacks a mandate from the people but he does have a Republican congress. Here […]

Why Trump’s Tax Cuts Will Work

The Laffer Curve Donald Trump has proposed a huge tax cut, up to 25%, so business can breathe and flourish again. His corporate income tax drops the 35% tax to […]

No, Trump did not win Because of Racism

This is why the left lost. They call racism over and over every time they are challenged and it is tiring. The Trump win has nothing to do with a […]

I was Wrong

I was wrong and this is my mea culpa. I thought Donald Trump would sink Republican hopes in the Senate, House and on the state level. I was clearly wrong. […]

Presidential Report Cards

1. Donald J Trump The spawn of Patrick Star and Homer Simpson. If political ignorance and narcissism too the form of a person it would be Donald Trump, fabrication and […]

Trump Debate

The link to my debate with @Anarchy_America.   The sides were me and @monetarist_ opposing Trump and both admins of @Anarchy_America for Trump. Here is the opening statement I delivered. First off […]

Lyin’ Roy

Lyin’ Roy Cooper Ad #1 “Raise you hand” Roy Cooper’s “Raise you hand” ad is stacked with misleading information, but that’s not any different than any of the other commercials […]