No, Trump did not win Because of Racism

This is why the left lost. They call racism over and over every time they are challenged and it is tiring. The Trump win has nothing to do with a […]

I was Wrong

I was wrong and this is my mea culpa. I thought Donald Trump would sink Republican hopes in the Senate, House and on the state level. I was clearly wrong. […]

Presidential Report Cards

1. Donald J Trump The spawn of Patrick Star and Homer Simpson. If political ignorance and narcissism too the form of a person it would be Donald Trump, fabrication and […]

Trump Debate

The link to my debate with @Anarchy_America.   The sides were me and @monetarist_ opposing Trump and both admins of @Anarchy_America for Trump. Here is the opening statement I delivered. First off […]

Lyin’ Roy

Lyin’ Roy Cooper Ad #1 “Raise you hand” Roy Cooper’s “Raise you hand” ad is stacked with misleading information, but that’s not any different than any of the other commercials […]

Reagan vs Trump

Many Trump supporters often claim that polls are biased and never resemble actual elections. Also, whenever Trump is falling by double digits in polls, they fall back on the argument […]

Debunking Bumper Sticker Phrases

To paraphrase Tom Woods, the left, conspiracy theorists and other groups love to use little catchy phrases that can fit on bumper stickers but generally take paragraphs to properly debunk. […]

Reviews of The Credible Hulk

Some reviews from followers on the Instagram.     I’ve also been compared to Ben Shapiro. Best compliments ever.

Who won the debate and how will it affect 2016?

Last night I said that I thought Hillary Clinton easily beat Donald Trump in the second presidential debate. I got a lot of flak for that. I was told that it […]

Comments on Trumpkin Arguments

1. Hillary is worse and if you do not support him you are helping to elect Hillary Clinton. I agree Hillary is worse but you have to be able to […]