Why Donald Trump will Appoint Leftist Justices

“The list. He gave you a list. What else do you want? It’s the list!” I hear a lot about Donald Trump’s list of potential Supreme Court nominees and that […]

2016: The Worst Case Scenario

Let us face reality. Unless something dramatic happens Donald Trump is going to lose to Hillary Clinton, the Senate will be taken by Democrats, the Republican majority in the House […]

Addressing Protectionist Arguments

Posted by Patrick L. on August 29, 2016   Outsourcing only leads to temporary unemployment for some individuals. But new jobs are created for these individuals. These jobs are better […]

I am Told That Voting is a Human Right

I am told that voting is a human right, personal freedom or any other term you want to use. I disagree. Right wing anarchists tend to argue that voting is […]

Comments on the GDP report and Trump

Posted by Patrick L. on August 4th, 2016   With last weeks GDP report and Trump announcing a giant stimulus my position on the future is only more justified. You […]

The End is Nigh

    The bubble is about to burst. The business cycle is about enter its destructive stage. We are about to witness another possible Great Depression in the almost exact […]

The Relationship between Gun Owners and Intellectuals

  Over the past eight years the argument over firearms has in the US exploded into a fierce debate between the left and the right. The left has touted again […]

What you need to know from the 28 pages

The classified 28 pages of the 9/11 commission were recently released by the federal government. While nothing new, in terms of general information, was released we did a lot of […]

Should there be more restrictions on who can vote?

Ever since the idea of a representative or democratic government has existed, so has the question ‘Who can vote?’ In Athens, only male citizens who owned property could vote in […]

Bernie and I: An opponent’s view on the DNC email scandal

I’ve spent the short political career I’ve had fighting Bernie Sanders’ and his supporters with the intent of squashing what I thought, and still feel is, an attempt at the […]