Principles over Party

Wednesday night Ted Cruz spoke at the Republican Convention in Cleveland. It was an amazing speech that highlighted core conservative values and principles. He spoke of supporting the police, defending […]

Polling Reality: 2016

Boy people do not understand polls. Recently I have been told by article after article and comment after comment that Donald Trump is rising and this election is tightening. It […]

Comments on Communist Arguments

Comments on Communist Arguments As with past articles in this series, this should not be taken as an refutation of each argument rather it should be read as my comments […]

Dump Trump Options

With the 2016 Republican National Convention starting in four days the possibility of a delegate revolt has sprung back up and as I type Senator Mike Lee and Ken Cuccinelli […]

Comments on Black Lives Matters Arguments

With the re-rise of Black Lives Matter (hence known as BLM) I have decided to comment on five of their arguments. Again this should not be taken as a refutation […]

Comments on Anarcho-Capitalist Arguments

Anarcho-capitalist arguments are intriguing. They have many flaws but at the same time offer genuinely valuable insights, especially into the use of force. Here I will offer my comment on five popular […]

The Case Against Net Neutrality 

The Oxford English Dictionary defines net neutrality as “the fact or principle of Internet service providers enabling access to all content and applications regardless of the source or destination, and […]

Never Means Never: The 2016 Outlook

What the news on November 9th will be Some people just do not get it. Never means never. I said I would never support Donald J Trump. I laid out […]

The Republican Primary Rundown 

It’s been a bad week for NeverTrump and will continue to be a bad time for the coming weeks. I’m not talking about the New York primary. Donald Trump’s blowout […]

The Folly of Dogmatic Noninterventionism

When it comes to intervention we have two camps. When it comes to nonintervention, we have a camp of dogmatic noninterventionism and a camp of baseline nonintervention. When a dogmatic […]