War on Minds

The following is a essay I wrote and had edited. There is a war on minds There is a war on minds. We exist in a time of cultural fascism. […]

Local Letter to the Editor Response’s

Recently in my local paper, The Daily Reflector, a Letter to the Editor’s were written attacking gun rights. The letter went like this. In response to Brenda Highsmith’s emotional pouting […]

Critique of Kapitalism 101: Law of Value — Production and Exchange. 

Originally posted on InstaHayek:
Hello, I am InstaHayek, and together with MrCredible, I am debunking Kapitalism’s video and WordPress series in the Marxist Labor Theory of Value. In this installment,…

Law of Value 5: Contradiction: Rebuttal

For the final entry, written by me, I will be writing a response to “Law of Value 5: Contradiction” by “Kapitalism 101”. Property, exchange and violence Why is it that […]

Answering Criticism

On my first post “Law of Value- 2. The Fetishism of Commodities: Refuted” @smashing.nirvana on Instagram issued a response and in this post I will be responding to my citric. These […]

Law of Value 4: Value: Rebuttal

This is my third entry into my debunking “Kapitalism 101” series. In this article I will focus on Law of Value 4: Value and like in my other entries I will focus […]

Law of Value 3: Das MudPie: Refuted

Welcome to Part 2 of my debunking “Kapitalism 101” series. In this entry I will focus on “Law of Value 3: Das MudPie” . Like my last post I will […]

Law of Value- 2. The Fetishism of Commodities: Refuted

In the first entry of the “Debunking Kapitalism 101: LVT” I will examine the main points of his video “Law of Value- 2. The Fetishism of Commodities” and provide a […]

Debunking Kapitalism 101

I will be entering a joint project with a fellow IGer of mine, Instahayek. We will be debunking a series of videos defending the Labor Value Theory. We hope to […]

Debunking Elizabeth Warren

About two weeks ago progressive Senator Elizabeth Warren had a press conference (video here) where she promoted three bills which she claims will make a “immediate difference” for the middle […]