Oppose the TPP

If you read a previous rebuttal of mine you know I support free trade. The evidence you its success is overwhelming and economists of all stripes have almost unanimous agreement […]

Confused Libertarians

Inside the American libertarian movement their is large support (for lack of a better word) for people like Vladimir Putin, Bashar Al-Assad and the guy in charge of Iran (I […]

Just for fun, Hitler’s ten dumbest mistakes

Originally posted on Doug's Darkworld:
As I said, just for fun. And to provide debate ammo if one of my gentle readers is presented with the “If the USA…

9 Myths about Ukraine and Syria

Ukraine 1. Maidan was a Western organized Coup Maidan started as a peaceful protest by Ukrainian’s (mainly from the western parts) who wanted to integrate with the west in hopes […]

Robert Reich Knows Nothing About Economics

Originally posted on The Modern Libertarian:
Economist Robert Reich, former labor secretary for President Clinton, recently posted a video called “Three Myths of the Economy”. In it, he attempts to…

Household Income is Extremely Misleading

Originally posted on The Modern Libertarian:
Household income trends are often cited as reason for “solutions” to income inequality. As a raw statistic, HHI is very misleading because it fails…

Here’s Why Salads Cost More Than Burgers

Originally posted on The Modern Libertarian:
Misleading Claim: “An unhealthy hamburger costs $1, but a healthy salad costs $5. Greedy capitalists are making our kids fat!” Reality: Producers do not…

Refuting “Capitalism: an introduction”

I was recently watching “Libertarian Socialist Rants” on YouTube and I watched his video on capitalism. In this piece I will refute part’s of that video and the article from […]

10 Anti-Capitalist Arguments Debunked 

Today I will be debunking 10 argument’s against capitalism. They will not be in a specific order or include them all. 1. Labor Exploitation To exploit someone is to force […]