Critique of Kapitalism 101: Law of Value — Production and Exchange. 

Originally posted on InstaHayek:
Hello, I am InstaHayek, and together with MrCredible, I am debunking Kapitalism’s video and WordPress series in the Marxist Labor Theory of Value. In this installment,…

Law of Value 5: Contradiction: Rebuttal

For the final entry, written by me, I will be writing a response to “Law of Value 5: Contradiction” by “Kapitalism 101”. Property, exchange and violence Why is it that […]

Answering Criticism

On my first post “Law of Value- 2. The Fetishism of Commodities: Refuted” @smashing.nirvana on Instagram issued a response and in this post I will be responding to my citric. These […]

Law of Value 4: Value: Rebuttal

This is my third entry into my debunking “Kapitalism 101” series. In this article I will focus on Law of Value 4: Value and like in my other entries I will focus […]

Law of Value 3: Das MudPie: Refuted

Welcome to Part 2 of my debunking “Kapitalism 101” series. In this entry I will focus on “Law of Value 3: Das MudPie” . Like my last post I will […]

Law of Value- 2. The Fetishism of Commodities: Refuted

In the first entry of the “Debunking Kapitalism 101: LVT” I will examine the main points of his video “Law of Value- 2. The Fetishism of Commodities” and provide a […]

Debunking Kapitalism 101

I will be entering a joint project with a fellow IGer of mine, Instahayek. We will be debunking a series of videos defending the Labor Value Theory. We hope to […]

Debunking Elizabeth Warren

About two weeks ago progressive Senator Elizabeth Warren had a press conference (video here) where she promoted three bills which she claims will make a “immediate difference” for the middle […]

Free Marketers and Conspiracy Theories 

On my time on social media I’ve noticed (my own observations) that many supporters of the free market also believe in conspiracy theories (the range varies). While they are seem […]

Answering Criticism 

I have had a couple minor critisms on my “24 undeniable 9/11 facts debunked” and here I want to give short answers to them.     How can the government be […]