Free Marketers and Conspiracy Theories 

On my time on social media I’ve noticed (my own observations) that many supporters of the free market also believe in conspiracy theories (the range varies). While they are seem […]

Answering Criticism 

I have had a couple minor critisms on my “24 undeniable 9/11 facts debunked” and here I want to give short answers to them.     How can the government be […]

Vouchers do not hurt public education 

Tonight I sent a letter to the editor at my local paper (The Daily Reflector). Here it is.  Last Wendsday Brandon King wrote a letter to the editor against vouchers […]

A rebuttal to “Why I fled libertarianism — and became a liberal”

On Salon the former “libertarian”  EDWIN LYNGAR (I really doubt he understands libertarianism) wrote “Why I fled libertarianism — and became a liberal” . As their is not much substance in his […]

Oppose the TPP

If you read a previous rebuttal of mine you know I support free trade. The evidence you its success is overwhelming and economists of all stripes have almost unanimous agreement […]

Confused Libertarians

Inside the American libertarian movement their is large support (for lack of a better word) for people like Vladimir Putin, Bashar Al-Assad and the guy in charge of Iran (I […]

Just for fun, Hitler’s ten dumbest mistakes

Originally posted on Doug's Darkworld:
As I said, just for fun. And to provide debate ammo if one of my gentle readers is presented with the “If the USA…

9 Myths about Ukraine and Syria

Ukraine 1. Maidan was a Western organized Coup Maidan started as a peaceful protest by Ukrainian’s (mainly from the western parts) who wanted to integrate with the west in hopes […]

Robert Reich Knows Nothing About Economics

Originally posted on The Modern Libertarian:
Economist Robert Reich, former labor secretary for President Clinton, recently posted a video called “Three Myths of the Economy”. In it, he attempts to…

Household Income is Extremely Misleading

Originally posted on The Modern Libertarian:
Household income trends are often cited as reason for “solutions” to income inequality. As a raw statistic, HHI is very misleading because it fails…